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Anime Rich Guy Falls For Poor Girl Manga. 12 is the most funniest anime Ive seen even my prents like it its a Romanticcomedy anime and you can find it in anime or manga. Im looking for an anime where the guys family doesnt like the girl cause shes poor.

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Yoon Ji-Hu So Yi-Jung and Song Woo-bin were Gu Jun-Pyos friends and rich heirs are all members of the group. I need an anime where a rich guy falls in love with a poor girl. Also not out just yet but Im pretty excited for it.

Special A - Poor girl and super rich guy are the top two at a super elite school.

Common differences include rich vs poor royalty vs commoners police vs criminals or other differences. Im looking for manga that has a poor girl that falls in love with a rich guy or the other way around. TPixie_12 Jun 6 2016. Or something that is similar to Mx0.