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Anime Unpopular Girl Up. Top 10 Anime Series Where A Popular Girl Falls In Love With An Unpopular Guy. He has a crush on this girl named Hina who is way out of his league and ends up going with friends to a party where he meets another girl named Rui and they end up bonding over their mutual awkwardness.

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At the same time youll also find surprising picks among them. As you might expect the manga has a little more detail and more backstory. This is why mahou shoujo is one of the most popular anime genres of all time.

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Looking for more unpopular anime. Kirai -MC is a total playboy whos hobby is breaking up couples with one night stands with the girl and dumping her laterBut still all girls and guys like him and hes very popularFemale MC is the only one who doesnt like him in fact she hates himShes not exactly unpopular but more a violent normal girlThen their parents remarry and they live in the same homePlus the guy has no blood. Hey Anime Fans welcome to another post about the best series that you should watch that depicts a popular badass guy or boy who falls in love for a shy. Whether youre a young girl looking for a new role model or an anime lover looking for a new icon to support here are my picks for the absolute best magical girl animes you.