Yoga Poses For Sleeping Better

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Yoga Poses For Sleeping Better. This bedtime yoga pose is one of the best to relieve and strengthen your shoulders chest torso back etc. Lie down on your back with your head on your pillow.

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Lie on your back with your big toes together. Side Lying Spinal Twist. Place a bolster lengthways and kneel next to it with your right hip touching the long side of the bolster.

Inhale creating space and length in your torso.

Moon salutation for better sleep If you prefer following along with a calming yoga flow instead of creating your own yin yoga night sequence from the poses above I have a recommendation for you. Relax your feet and close your eyes. Even the leg muscles of your body receive a good amount of strengthening through this meditative pose. A few minutes in Legs Up the Wall or Pigeon pose and dreamland awaits.